___________ Two thousand and three. _______ between TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED,) “I accidentally missed those 1,2,3. Do I need to print it? Hi, ppl. I have my doubts. If I can`t find a guarantee. How do I make a service contract? Can I use Whitner in the service contract? Thank you in advance Thank you for sharing such wonderful information. The idea is the organization of business relationship development is where interested entrepreneurs are trained in the value of public relations for business success. Income Tax Advisor vijayawada Income Services Tax Advisor near me in vizagCompany Registration ServicesCompany Registration hyberabad ServicesGst Registrattion Services at vijayawadagst registrattion services near me in vizagbest pf consultantbest pf consultant center in Hyderabad buy only 100 stamps and service contract prints of tcs .is sufficiency or required another do. (notry or affidavit) I made mistakes, having adhered in writing date.si I cut it and write the right date. Is it okay or do I have to make a new deal? Does the TCS service contract have to be notarized? I took the service contract, is it okay or do I have to do it again? On the first page of the contract, I wrote twelve instead of writing twelve as the date of membership. What must I do??? Can I use Whitener? We must fill in our name with the full initial in srvice Agreement? Example: Just like ch.lakshmi, we need to extend the ch here Is it normal for spaces to be entered instead of writing with a pen in the service approval without changing the format? How many days before the ILP can I prepare the service contract? You should empty. Do not write anything where the warranty name & signaturethe regected your agreement Can we print the service contract and NCA on the back ?? Instead of being able to type it as a service contract, the person entered it in the description as a service contract, that`s correct, ??? Sir, for the service contract, I have the 2016-17 ITR document, but in the last fiscal year, its tax amount is zero because the job is less than 3 Lakh.

Next year, the guarantee tax will be of a certain amount since his profession is now 4 lakhs per year. I notarized his name for a guarantee. Please, tell me, is this acceptable? Be, because my membership date is 27 October 2016.Please do it necessary. Hi, isn`t it? But I have my doubts. In fact, I printed the entire service contract as indicated in the format, but I printed additional text (Affidavit) at the beginning of the agreement. So it`s going to go or do I have to switch to stamp paper? Can I add space in the service agreement because the space is too small to fill, and how to add space in the space The first page to print on stamp paper in which three spaces must be filled, I printed everything instead of filling with a pencil. I fill the rest of the pages with a pencil. It will be ok??? I filled out the tcs form when I`m in pg. lived. So I listed his address as my current address, but now I don`t live there anymore. But they show this address as my current address and I can`t change that.

Is it then necessary to provide proof of address for the place where I no longer live? Dear administrator What to fill in The first page of 100 stamps? I must fill in the date of the letter of receipt. I didn`t get it, please help me. Thank you for your Timr. I purchased the stamp paper for the service contract and not Criminal Affidavit on behalf of TCS. Later, I only learned that it had to be purchased in my name (according to the TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? What should be the description of the document (I filled it out in the form of an affidavit) for the service agreement document in e-stampPapier.Please help….