I wonder about the phrase “including all trademark rights and goodwill associated with it.” What if the domain name you`re selling is Photo.info? The word photo was once a valid TM in France and can still be. (see Photo.biz UDRP) Adding that sentence would mean that you`re contracting to transfer TM rights that you don`t own, wouldn`t you? Maybe an expert could answer. Thank you. Whether you are a buyer or seller, a standard domain name agreement is an important tool to protect both parties in the sale transaction. A large domain name sales contract describes important aspects of the sale, including: Charles Top – I have leased a number of domains over the years. In any case, it was actually a way for the buyer to take over the estate with little money. They were all people who made me an offer to buy a domain, but they said they didn`t have enough money to pay my price. So I offered to rent it to them with an option to buy my price. In this way, I win one way or another, either I get my prize or if they don`t buy it, all the promotion they do for the website/domain will make the domain more valuable when I get it back. Kent, it`s a good idea to have a lawyer-designed agreement.

Although there are many intelligent Domainer, it may not be legally trained and allowed to develop this type of agreement. The answer to your question: Goodwill in trademark law means goodwill built between the source of the product or service and the public. The classic example is that if you see McDonald`s, you know you`re going to have a hamburger and you know exactly what you can expect from this burger. This quality (questionable?) and the consistency you expect from McDonald`s. The phrase “including all trademark rights and value” is the standard language of trademark rights allocation and may have nothing to do with the transfer of a domain name. Yes, I`m working on a sales conversation, but I`m testing it with a domain name that I bought and that it hasn`t delivered yet. Let`s see. Aspirate it and pay a few hundred dollars to a lawyer to make sure your property is covered, and make sure you use someone with IP or domain name experience, otherwise you`ll probably pay a lot more than you have to pay. 1. The seller is the legitimate and exclusive filer of the domain name. It is ok? What if the name is a brand? Is the seller the legal filer? Of course, when I was working with someone who had a lot of experience with domain names, there was less time for research, and therefore the cost was lower. Whether you want to buy or sell, there are a number of methods to sell domain names, or buy appropriate domain names: 3.

The period and duration of this agreement is five years from the date of this agreement or transfer of Example.com domain name to the recipient, depending on what is later. 5. The seller has the right to transfer the domain name without third-party claims. Oops, we`re back with third parties. Lessons for sellers: Remember that absolute statements are absolute.