Your graduate funding program may consist of a combination of scholarships and graduate assistant salaries. This means that you can receive a consistent amount of payment each month, but for a period or semester you have a GA contract, the funds come from different sources. If you have questions about your funding plan, you should contact your GPD, GPA and/or supervisor. If you feel that your financial envelope is not being applied correctly, please contact Assistants of higher education graduates receive a job offer and must accept or refuse the offer in writing. Before the appointment begins, the head of department/researcher or course manager will discuss the employment contract and complete the assignment form, unless otherwise stated. The graduate receives copies of the employment contract. The contract consists of two components; job offer and resignation form. A copy is e-mailed to Human Resources ( and the Graduate Students` Association ( “In addition to the language that clarifies the rights and duties of graduates on issues such as the plagiarism survey, we were also able to simplify the agreement structurally, allowing graduates to quickly find answers to their questions,” explains Paris. During November and December, the GsA`s team of supporters met several times with the university administration to ask questions and propose changes to the university`s proposal. In addition, November was a month of representation of interest by CASA at the federal and provincial abGPAC levels.

This meant that our legal team was very busy meeting with elected officials and working to raise awareness on issues important to graduates. GSA was pleased to have worked to establish a new needs-based scholarship for higher education graduates. The university has launched this new scholarship and students will be able to apply through the university itself. Read the details of our advocacy updates on the GSA page: If you have questions about collective agreements, teachers, employees and departments should contact and students should contact The “Images of Research 2021” competition (formerly Graduate Research Photo Competition) is now receiving applications. This year`s contest is bigger and better than ever with more prizes and more opportunities to hone your contribution with feedback sessions, workshops and more. . Julia Daun, winner of the 2019 competition, conducted a mini-interview with the Faculty of Graduate Studies earlier this year on why she participated in Images of Research. Sh. e says, “[the contest] gave me the opportunity to tell a story. A story that sometimes can only be entirely re-confederalized by scientific work, but which must be told. She also gives some advice to interested graduates: Think about the story you are trying to tell and the problem you are trying to solve.

Edit your image to focus on your research. Try different things. Thanks to your attendees, and enjoy the process Discover the details of the contest here: We will draw big prizes for those who submit your abstracts early to the beyond Graduate peer research conference.