If you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each sector. Other names for this document: car service contract, car repair contract, car repair contract If your car needs to be repaired or maintained, you can possibly choose between several service dealers or authorized repair centers. Or you have to take it to the dealer you bought it from. This could be uncomfortable if you buy the car from a dealership in another city. Find out if your car is covered if it breaks while you`re using it on a trip, or if you take it when you leave town. CoverageReparture of the vehicle covered by the vehicle manufacturer`s initial warranty, with the exception of the following signature, [Customer.Name] indicates the authorization of the services and prices indicated in this auto repair contract. They also accept, without exception, the full terms of this treaty. An automobile service contract is a written contract that protects consumers from certain frauds when buying vehicles. This is a common document for the purchase of used vehicles. Like insurance, it protects consumers from costly repairs that can be done to the vehicle and that were not obvious when inspecting the vehicle prior to purchase.

This PDF VÉHICULES SERVICE CONTRAT model is your quick and simple legal document that sets protection standards for motor vehicle buyers and sellers. It contains simple rights and obligations that you can easily change if you decide to add more. This proposal contains information on the restrictions and guarantees of the service. Just copy this PDF model into your JotForm account and use the model immediately! When you buy a new or used car, the seller may encourage you to buy a car service contract to protect you from unexpected or costly repairs. A service contract may seem like a good idea, but it may overlap with the existing manufacturer`s warranty. So before you spend the extra money, do some research to see if a car service contract is worth. The cover is very different. This contract constitutes the entire legal agreement between [Company.Name] and [Customer.Name].

Other commitments or agreements outside of this contract and subsequent repair authorizations are deemed valid. PandaTip: Once you`ve completed this model and sent it to your client, you can sign it from your computer, smartphone or tablet.